Tank Floating Roof & Accessories

Floating Roof Seals Primary and Secondary

We designs and supply a variety of seal systems for all types of floating roof applications. We can design and supply various type of seals for the internal and external floating roof tanks.
- Pantographic Seals
- Scissor Shoe Seal
- Wiper Seal
- Foam Log Seal
- Low Profile Seal

Non Contact Pontoon/Aluminium/SS type Floating Roof

The I.F.R. Pontoon type is a floating internal roof and an emission-controlling device suitable for installation into all types of fixed roof storage tanks containing all types of crude and refined products. The purpose of the internal floating roof is to minimize vapour zone above the stored liquid. This system reduces emissions and evaporative losses of storage products, and less corrosive or oxidizing elements would be produced in the tank when removing the vapour zone from the fixed roof storage tanks, resulting in reduced air pollution and long term cost savings.

Full Contact Aluminium/SS Floating Roof

Designed and constructed in accordance with API Standard 650 Appendix H. The roof is composed of lightweight individual panel modules assembled to form a completely sealed full contact floating roof. The bottom side of the roof is in complete contact with the product, the top side is a deck for foot and operator traffic. Panels are specially designed for easy assembly and welding in the field. Components can be fitted through existing manways and adjustable legs can accommodate sloped bottom tanks.
- High emission reduction.
- Maintenance free.
- Compatible with all products stored, including 100% aromatics.
- Lightweight span structure manufactured from Aluminum or stainless steel.
- Easy to install.
- Environment friendly.
- According to API 650 Appendix H standard.
- Lowest cost solution and short-term payback.
- Designed for each specific tank.

Floating Suction

Suction lines are commonly used for Jet fuel tanks and fuel oil tanks. Suction lines can be used in power plants, crude oil collection tanks or anywhere the quality of the product to exit the tank is an issue.
There are 2 main suction line types:
- Suspended : most commonly used for fixed roof tanks.
- Roller : for use beneath a steel or aluminium floating roof.

Oil skimmers

Oil skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a fluid. The skimmer floats on the top to collect the lighter of two non-mixable liquids. The liquid is then drained through the pipe and out of the tank through the shell nozzle.

Floating Roof Drain System

A floating roof drain system is a pipe construction consisting of several pipes, elbows and swing joints. The flexible construction is used to carry off rainwater from the storage tanks’ floating roof. This construction prevents pressure on the roof.